Make your Mini perfume endure!

How to Make Your Mini Perfume Last Longer

How To Make Mini Perfume Endure 

Most perfumes would probably last a few hours, while others that do last may have an overpowering scent. Hence, it is evident that making your favorite mini perfume scent last the day would require specific techniques. 

To make your mini perfume endure, moisturize your skin before application. It would enhance moisture and fragrance lock, keeping you smelling nice all day long. Keep reading, as this article contains a whole lot of tips that would help your mini perfume last.

All our products here at Sweetwater labs are made from premium quality natural ingredients. But you will not get their full potential if you do not use them correctly. Making your perfume last is not rocket science; there are relatively easy steps to follow.

Below are a few techniques to try with your mini perfume.

How To Make Your Mini Perfume Last Longer:

  • Moisturized Skin

Trapping in moisture and fragrance is a smart technique to ensure your perfume lasts. Just apply your unscented body lotion and use your perfume roll-on afterward.

  • Bare Skin

Allowing your mini perfume to blend into your natural body oils would make the scent last. Just apply directly and observe how much longer the fragrance endures.

  • Pulse Points

Your neck, wrists, elbows inside, and behind your knees are all pulse points. You see, fragrance and heat react nicely; the heat helps the scent continually release from those points. However, you need to apply a bit of Vaseline on these points; it gives your fragrance a prolonged lock period. The Vaseline would serve as a moisture lock.

  • Don’t Rub

The default act after applying perfume to the wrists is to rub them together. But this breaks down the chemical bonds of the fragrance faster than it should. Instead, apply to the wrist and leave the heat from the pulse point to gradually release the scents.

  • Spray On Hairbrush

Instead of spraying your perfume directly on your hair, apply some drops onto your hairbrush and gently brush through your hair. 

  • Matching Scented Products

Using products with matching scents like lotions, soaps, etc., would maximize the durability of the fragrances. We have different products made from about nine unique scents, some are a blend of two or three fragrances. Using products with same scents would make the perfume smell linger.

  • Carry Perfume Roll-On Around

Our mini perfume sets are portable and can easily fit into your carry-on bag. To ensure you continue smelling fresh, touch up your scents at intervals throughout the day. If running low on mini perfume, add the last few drops into your lotion and order a new batch. It’s a perfect way to make a matching product set.

  • Signature Scent

Get your clothes and drawers to exude your signature scents by applying some perfume to pieces of paper and using them to line your wardrobe. The scent would eventually rest on the clothing, causing you to keep smelling nice longer. 

  • Straight From Shower

Do you know to apply your mini perfume right after a bath helps maintain the fresh fragrance throughout the day? Yes, once you dry off your skin, rub in our mini perfume roll-on in any scent of your choice and notice the difference. This tip is a sure way to make sure your mini perfume endure.

  • Storage

The location you store your perfume matters. Keep them in a cool place as humid areas can cause them to break down. Furthermore, avoid shaking the perfume bottle unnecessarily because it can cause air to infuse into the scent.

  • The Right Perfume

We know perfumes are sold in different concentrations, so you do not expect a high alcohol scent to endure like one with low percentage. However, our mini perfume sets are 100percent pure and natural and would last long. They have a long shelf-life and are worth the hype.


Our mini perfume sets would last with little or no effort because it is 100% pure. However, you can make the scents linger longer when you follow some specific steps. The common flaw of rubbing the wrist together after applying perfume shortens the durability of the scent. Contact us today to order any or all of our unique mini perfume sets and enjoy the luxurious scents.