glycolic acid

The benefits of Glycolic Acid for your skin

Glycolic acid is a exfoliant created from sugar cane. It’s a favorite of skincare experts and dermatologists for its skin-rejuvenating properties. It is a type of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that works to exfoliate dead skin cells and unclog pores.


We will go into how Glycolic Acid Work and its benefits for your skin and which Sweetwater Labs' products contain Glycolic Acid. Personally, I use the Glycolic Scrub Wash, the Glow Toner and a mix of Rose Face Oil and Vitamin Serum as well both morning and night. At night I add the Firming Booster into the routine. I ALWAYS make sure I take my travel sizes of these products with me as well. Some of our other Glycolic Acid products are the Rose and Glycolic Acid Mask which is an extremely gentle mask (even gentle enough for sensitive skin) and the Revive Glycolc Face Wash. The main difference between the Gycolic Scrub Wash and Revive Glycolic Face Wash is the Scrub has tiny exfolliants to give skin the extra smoothness. The daily skincare routine is also in our GLOW skincare package.

How Glycolic Acid Works

Glycolic acid is a skin exfoliant that works by loosening the bonds of the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of skin, to reveal brighter skin underneath. glycolic acid is a type of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), a chemical that works by breaking down skin's collagen and other proteins.


The way AHA's work on skin is a subject of debate, but they are known to stimulate collagen production and inhibit glycation, a chemical process that causes skin damage. glycolic acid can penetrate deeper into skin to do some serious work, especially when used in higher concentrations. This type of acid can help fade acne scars and wrinkles, brighten skin tone, and improve acne symptoms. It can also be used for skin lightening and brightening


As glycolic acid is a popular exfoliant, it has been linked to a number of beneficial effects on skin. Some of these effects include removing dead skin cells, unclogging pores, and improving the texture and appearance of the skin.  It has also been found to decrease acne scars and improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation spots.

Glycolic acid can also help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines by promoting collagen production in skin cells. It also helps to remove acne scars because it gets rid of excess skin cells and cleans pores effectively. Besides its exfoliating properties, glycolic acid has been found to brighten skin tone by increasing cell turnover rate and stimulating melanin production in cells. In addition to its cosmetic effects, glycolic acid has been found to have several medical benefits as well. Some research suggests that glycolic acid may play a role in moisturizing dry skin

What It Does for Your Skin

Glycolic acid is a skin exfoliant that works to break the bonds between the outer layer of skin and the layer below it, resulting in shedding of dead skin cells. Glycolic acid can help clear pores and smooth wrinkles, improve skin tone, and fade sun damage. It also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


It increases collagen production to improve skin elasticity and firmness. Long term use of glycolic acid can help stimulate collagen growth, hydrate the skin, and improve skin's outer barrier. It is recommended to start using glycolic acid three times a week and gradually increase the frequency to avoid skin irritation.



Glycolic Acid has been a go-to exfoliant for skin care professionals for years, and for a good reason. It has a plethora of benefits for the skin and helps get rid of unwanted dead cells that cause aging and acne. Because Glyolic Acid helps reveal new skin be sure to apply SPF after any product containing Glyolic Acid.