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  • GLOW TONER. AHA acids + seaweed . Brightens, gently exfoliates + nourishes Sweetwater Labs
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GLOW TONER. AHA acids + seaweed . Brightens, gently exfoliates + nourishes

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AHA fruit acids gently exfoliates, smooths, clears and brightens skin without being harsh or overstrip. Seaweed has 100+ minerals and nutrients to crease collagen production, protect skin for environmental damage + soften skin. Use this toner after washing face with our Glycolic Scrub Wash and Rosewater Glycolic Mask to smooth, lighten discoloration and dark spots over time. Great for all skin types! 

Directions: After washing face, spray toner onto cotton ball/pad swipe face. This removes any excess dirt + oil from face while AHA fruit acid + seaweed get to work to open pores + nourish with tons of minerals + nutrients.

Why I created this product: 

This is my favorite toner and I use this in my daily routine. For years I have been looking for a toner that combined the amazing brighten + exfoliating properties of AHA acids that didn’t irritate my skin but effectively smooth + brighten.  I have also added the power-packed nutrient ingredient of seaweed to soften, rebuild and protect skin. 


Aloe water, glycolic + malic + lactic acids, seaweed power, tea tree oil, bilberry + orange peel + lemon peel + cranberry extracts. 


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