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  • Nightingale Magic. Highly potent immune boosting formula for colds, illnesses, infections Sweetwater Labs
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Nightingale Magic. Highly potent immune boosting formula for colds, illnesses, infections

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Nightingale Magic is a highly potent antibacterial immune boosting formula. 100% organic ingredients. 

*To be ingested at the FIRST SIGNS of common illnesses (colds, sore throat etc) to overcome them 

*Can be used in diffusers for sinus infections + allergy relief

*Add a few drops at bottom of feet for topical immune support. (Do not rub eyes if formula gets on hands)

*Add to toothpaste to strengthen effectiveness

*All purpose disinfectant cleaner + spray (just place few drops on surface and clean) 

*Bacteria is unable to grow when exposed to formula (images below)

*Size: 0.5 oz / 15 mL     

Ingredients: Rosemary Oil (Verbenone), Clove Oil, Lemon Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Cinnamon Bark Oil and Thyme Oil. 

Directions: At start of cold, sore throat etc place 5-10 drops in juice or liquid 3-5 times per day and drink (we do not recommend in water as taste might be strong). Solution must be diluted in juice before taking internally. I have personally done this so many times (have not been sick in 3 years). For total immunity place 3-4 drop at bottom of feet before going to school, work etc. For allergy + sinus relief place 10-20 drops into diffuser or place in hot water and place face over steam with steam for 15 minutes. Be sure to keep eyes closed when steaming face.       

Story of Nightingale Magic : Spice traders + merchants hit hard economic times when Black Plague hit when all international shipping and trade closed down. Unable to do business they had to find other means to support themselves. They decided to loot the homes + bodies of plague victims. They were able survive by rubbing + ingesting certain natural oils and eventually set up lucrative pawn businesses until they were caught by the King. They were told they were not be burned at the stake if they told their secret for immunity. Hence the formula for Thieves Oil was made public. Account of story is in the Royal English Archives. 

Compare Nightingale Magic (improved version of thieves oil) to other chemical disinfectants. Bacteria is unable to grow in formula similar to bleach, hydrogen peroxide and hand sanitizer but is 100% natural + ingestible.    


Below are results from bacteria grown in specific substances (bleach, clean, hydrogen peroxide, olive oil, vinegar, apple cider vinegar, thieves oil). No bacteria grew in pure thieves oil (Nightingale Magic). Potent natural antibacterial properties without the chemicals. 



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