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  • PURA VIDA Hydrating Face Cleanser. Gentle + Packed with Vitamins! Sweetwater Labs
  • PURA VIDA Hydrating Face Cleanser. Gentle + Packed with Vitamins! Sweetwater Labs
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PURA VIDA Hydrating Face Cleanser. Gentle + Packed with Vitamins!

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This is an amazing gentle herbal daily herbal face cleanser that will leave your face healthy + hydrated. This formula has tons of vitamins to keep your skin nourished, soft + cleans your face thoroughly naturally. Great for all skin types even the most sensitive of skin. 

*Lavender extract- Antiseptic + soothing properties. 

*Lemon peel extract- Lightens, smooths skin, anti-bacterial properties.  

*Seaweed extract-Rich in vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants + amazing healing properties.  

*Green Tea extract-gently reduces redness + puffiness. Helps clear clogged pores + protect skin from sun damage.    

*Burdock root extract- Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties. Helps relieve eczema + other skin conditions.

*Rosehip extract-Anti-inflammatory properties, improves overall skin condition + evens skin ton. 

*Apple extract- Provides long lasting hydrating properties.    

*Size: 4 oz / 118 mL

***Your Pura Vida order comes with 5 exfoliating pads (as shown in photo). Apply water and cleanser to pad and gently exfoliate for a deeper cleanse. Pads help remove dead skin, therefore allowing the cleanser (and other products) penetrate deeper into the skin and work better. Can use daily or as needed. If you would like an extra 30 pads to use with your cleanser, please choose that option in the drop down menu.***

Directions: Remove makeup, if wearing any. Apply a nickel sized amount to wet skin and massage for several seconds. Rinse with water, dry face and follow with Vitamin Serum or Rose Face Oil. Use twice daily. 

Why I created this product: I have been looking for natural botanical cleanser that's gentle, non-irritating, packed with vitamins. My skin reacts to almost all face cleansers (ensuing reaction results in rosacea patches). I created this cleanser that hydrating, clean and will NOT irritate skin. 

Ingredients:  Cocamide (foaming cleanser derived from coconut oil), Glycerin, Seaweed Extract, Green Tea extract, Lavender extract, Lemon Peel extract, Burdock Root Extract, Rosehip Extract, Apple Fruit Extract,  Xanthum Gum, Hexylene & Caprylyl Glycol (derived from coconut), Sorbic Acid. 

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