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  • RICE WATER + CUCUMBER TONER / FACE MIST. Brightens + softens Sweetwater Labs
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Rice water has been staple in Asian beauty products for years because of its amazing benefits. Combined with cooling + calming benefits of cucumber water this formula will be a go to for maintaining healthy, youthful, glowing skin.  

*Rice water is full of nutrients (16% of its composition consist of proteins that are building blocks for skin) + softens skin + reduce appearance of fine lines. 

*It has skin brightening enzymes to fade dark spots, reduce breakouts + repairs sun damage

*Tons of antioxidants which inhibits growth of elastase (compound that causes damage to elastin of skin + leads to aging). 

*Boosts skin barrier health = repairs + maintains natural barrier of skin + protects against environmental damage.

*Mattifies oily skin = rice water has pore tightening + toning effect . 

*Cucumber water = has high folic acid + silica to depuff, calm skin. Helps flush out toxins.      

Directions: After washing face morning/night, spray this Rice Water + Cucumber Face Mist / Toner on cotton pad and wipe your skin. Do NOT rinse off. You will feel softer skin immediately. Follow by applying our Vitamin Face Serum and/or Rose Face Oil to moisturize.   

Why I created this product: I have known for years rice water's amazing effect on skin. It makes my skin glow, smooth, healthy + hydrated. Both rice water + cucumber also help with dryness + breakouts.        

Ingredients:  Fermented rice water + vitamin B + portulaca extracts, cucumber hydrosol, water, propanediol, Geogard (preservative). 



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