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  • The Hydrate Me Routine Pack (for dry skin) Sweetwater Labs
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The Hydrate Me Routine Pack (for dry skin)

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Simple routine for soft healthy skin. Great for skin that tends to be on the drier side. 


1) Pura Vida Cleanser (2oz)= Hydrating yet thoroughly cleanses skin. Perfect for even the most sensitive skin. Leaves skin soft but super clean. Made from pure botanical ingredients like Green tea, seaweed extract+ rosehip. Packed with nutrients to protect skin healthy +  from environmental damage. Use morning + night.  

2) Ricewater + Cucumber Face Mist/Toner (1 oz)= After washing face with Pura Vida Cleanser, spray toner onto cotton pad/ball and swipe face to get rid of any excess oil + grime. Ricewater contains proteins to soften skin + reduce breakouts + repair sun damage while cucumber calms skin. 

3) Rose Face Oil (0.50 oz)= After using toner apply  1-3 drop of Rose Face Oil to hydrate.    


Rosewater + Glycolic Mask (1 oz ) = Unlike most glycolic masks this mask is extremely gentle and able to used overnight. DO NOT WASH OFF. You may feel a slight tingle on face after application. Leave after night routine, apply thin layer of mask and leave on overnight. Rinse off in morning + to reveal the most refreshed smooth skin ever. Then go to normal daily cleansing routine.  

For quick refresher during week you can also apply mask for 20-30 minutes and then rinse off.     


 BLOOM NIGHT SERUM sample = Apply few drop of Bloom Night Serum (made with retinol + peptides to hydrate skin + smooth fine lines). Can be used after Vitamin Face Serum or Rose face Oil      

The items in our Routine packages are half the size of regular individual sizes.